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Our Company

GO Smart Lifestyle Systems ( GOSLS ) is a provider of IoT devices, systems and solutions to the global markets. GO Lifestyle Systems with its HQ in Malaysia is introducing and instigating its products to the market in the respective country globally through the partnership with local strategic partners. 

GOSLS products are expected to make an inroad to the markets very fast with the cutting edge technologies, state of the art platforms, simple and low implementation cost systems. 

Our History


XMI Systems SA (Switzerland) was established to develop the cutting edge technologies and systems as well as state of the art IoT products to be offered to the global market. 


Global Online Lifestyle Systems Hong Kong (GOLS HK) was set up as an offshore company solely to support XMI Systems SA financial and global  commercial plans.


Global Online Lifestyle Systems Sdn Bhd  (GOLS MY ) was set up as the operation HQ of GOLS to support XMI Systems SA operations in Asia and carry out commercialization plans of XMI products globally. 


Protect YU and XMI Systems forged a partnership to deliver iONE Security + Predictive Intelligence Intervention System developed and powered by XMI Systems to Canada and the global market.


GOLS was being restructured to become an independent company to carry out its own business plans to introduce its own Smart IoT Ecosystem powered by GO Smart Technology team in collaboration with strategic technology/business partners to the global markets.


GO Smart Lifestyle Systems Sdn Bhd ( GO SLS ) was been set up as the sole business owner of GO Lifestyle Systems for Malaysia markets. 

GO Smart Lifestyle Systems has been successfully adopted by a few development projects and individual residence/office properties since it is being introduced to the markets.


GO Smart Lifestyle Systems Sdn Bhd ( GO SLS ) with the collaboration of  KOTASAS and Wawasan Intact Group launched a new development project "Smart Living Infrastructure". KOTASAS will be the first Developer in the country with all their ongoing and future properties introduced to the market ready with smart living infrastructure.

GO Smart Lifestyle Systems with the collaboration of KOTASAS and Wawasan Intact Group launched two more Smart Living Infrastructure Ready Residences, Serene Residence & Majestic Residence.

Smart Community is introduced. Currently, now
GO Smart Lifestyle Systems have:

1) Smart Masjid : Masjid Al-Imam Ash-Shafie, Kotasas

2) Smart School : SJK (C) Chung Ching 2, Kuantan

GO Smart Lifestyle Systems with the collaboration of MK Land launched a luxurious guarder residence project, Rafflesia @ Hill Damanasara Perdana. We provide the  a complete smart living system that is stable, reliable and easy-to-use


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